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Private Mentorship Experience

An immersive 3 month program to accelerate your business development and growth. This one-on-one private mentorship program is designed to help you build or enhance your business's foundations, unlock your true potential and achieve consistent, sustainable 5-figure months.

90 Minute Business Intensive

This is for you if you are ready to make moves QUICKLY, not afraid to do the work & accept cash with EASE.

We will dive DEEP into your business to move into a space of rock solid business foundations


A 4 month business foundations and client attraction immersion.

For those early in business who are looking to step into your business as the CEO you were meant to be. Liberating your earning potential and learning how to create your business strategically. 

From idea, to offer creation to launch. You will be immensely supported during your time in this container. You can expect to go from zero to booking your first client and having your 12 mo strategy defined.




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The Podcast With Gabriella Rayas


Receive your free guide on 10 Digital Offers you can create to Increase your Revenue

This will give you not only offer idea, but examples on topics to create them around

About me

Hey! I’m Gabriella Rayas, Leading Business Coach and Purpose Activator. I am on a mission to help business owners build the business of their dreams without feeling like it is taking over their family life.

I believe that every person on this earth is here FOR A REASON and that we are meant to do BIG THINGS. I guide ambitious entrepreneurs like you to show up on purpose and to identify and leverage your zone of genius so that YOU can build the 6 figure + business of your dreams while living out and offering up the gifts you were given to help people.

There may be a lot of things we are ~good~ at, but I am here to help you find that diamond amongst all the gems in your jewelry box of gifts. We will shine that diamond and it will be out there for the world, your clients, to benefit from.

I worked in the corporate world for 8 years where I was really good at a lot of things.
I easily called in multiple 5 figure bonuses year after year, getting raises every single years doing work I knew was not in my zone of genius. So I knew, if I was able to skyrocket my corporate career both in responsibility and bringing in big money, I could do it in my own business.

Once I realized I could focus solely on my zone of genius and build a business based off of that, my life, attitude, excitement and reality totally shifted. Are you ready for that? I would LOVE to work with you to achieve what it is you are feeling pulled to.

I am here to help guide you, give you permission and be the mentor you need to get you to where you want to go.

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