Rich Moms Movement Manifesto

Rich in Faith, Family & Finance

A RICH MOM is a woman who builds a financial legacy for her family. She takes responsibility for where she is at and where she is going. She is a mom and a woman of God first and does not let her values waver at the expense of her business.

A RICH MOM raises her family, builds businesses and is not here to do it all alone. She knows she was meant for big things and knows that she won't get there trying to do it all herself. She is here for community and expansion.

A RICH MOM is a woman who reaches her goals because she is consistent and dedicated. She is building a better future for her family and her community.
A RICH MOM gets it done but also knows that in order to be in business for the long game, that the hustle and grind of constantly being ON will not get her there. She is feminine and creative and in that femininity knows that rest and relaxation can be the solution to leaping her business and family forward.

A RICH MOM listens to God on how to bring her gifts, talents and expertise out into the world, and to not hide it. And is ready to make her mark. Ready to make her legacy.

Ready, to be Rich in Faith, Family & Finance.

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